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The DMZ and its surroundings contain many interesting historical sights and pristine untouched natural surroundings. Travel Guide Seoul Tour.

Various organizations offer DMZ guided tours.  Itineraries differ, but most tours will take visitors to an observatory, one of North Korea’s infiltration tunnels, a military base, and right into Panmunjeom, the Joint Security Area in the middle of the DMZ where negotiations between the two sides are held. Panmunjom the Dmz Tour. Seoul korea travel panmunjom tour JSA tour.

Korean Demilitarized Zone. Panmunjom & the Dmz Tour . Seoul Travel Seoul Travel Guide Seoul Tour. Panmunjeom DMZ Tour Packages. DMZ - DeMilitarized Zone
For over fifty years the areas surrounding the DMZ have been restricted to the general public.  As a result, they have become a wildlife preserve containing incredible bio-diversity.

Seoul Travel Information and  Panmunjeom Tour Packages. DeMilitarized Zone. The DMZ and its surrounding areas are now referred to as the Peace and Life Zone (PLZ), and a special tour course has been designed taking travelers to destinations of historical interest and outstanding natural beauty.



Imjingak   located 7 km from the Military Demarcation Line, is now at the forefront of tourism related to the Korean Conflict.

It was built in 1972 with the hope that someday unification would be possible. Three-storied Imjingak is surrounded by several Monuments, Unification Park and North Korea Center.
400 kinds of photos and documents showing the stark reality of North Korea are displayed in the North Korea Center of Unification Board. Outside Imjingak, there are 12 kinds of tanks and crafts on display that were used during the Korean Conflict.
Mangbaedan, which stands opposite of Imjingak, is famous for the place where people from North Korea visit and perform ancestral rites by bowing toward their hometown every New Years Day and Chuseok. The Bridge of the Freedom, South Koreans crossed when they came back to their mother country from North Korea, stands behind Mangbaedan.
In front of Imjingak, there is the Gyeongui Train Line which was destroyed during the Korean Conflict in 1950. It has been under construction since 2000. Every year many events for unification are held at Imjingak.
Imjingak is now one of the famous tourist spots for foreigners in Gyeonggi-do Province because it is possible to visit without going through any security check points.


*Travel Tips
- Tourists who want to tour Dorasan Observatory and the 3rd tunnel, have to have a passport and make a reservation in advance at the DMZ ticket box located in the Imjingak parking lot.
- Tourists can tour the 3rd tunnel, Dorasan Observatory, Mt. Dorasan and Unification Park by shuttle bus. Soldiers act as guides on this package tour. Only Korean speaking guides are available if you make your reservation here, so foreigners should contact a travel agency to arrange an English speaking guide in advance.
- Private cars and taxies are not permitted. Only designated shuttle buses can enter because it is located in the demilitarized zone.

Closed  :  Open all year round (Gyeonggi Pyeonghwa Center closed on Mondays)

Operating Hours  :  Gyeonggi Pyeonghwa Center 10:00 - 18:00

* Sangam DMC Station, Seoul Subway line 6 or Seoul Station, Seoul Subway line 1 & 4 >> Taransfer to Gyeongui line >> Get off at Munsan Station >> Get the tour train towards Dorasan Mt. >> Get off at Iimjingang River

* Seoul Station, Seoul Subway line 1 & 4 or Gwanghwamun Station, Seoul Subway line 5 >> Take the red bus #9710 >> Get off at Munsan Bus Terminal >> Take the city bus #58 >> Get off at Imjingak

* Bus: From Munsan Intercity Bus Terminal, take city bus No. 94 bound for Imjingak (runs every 30 min / 10-15 min ride).
* Taxi: Takes 10 min from Munsan Intercity Bus Terminal.
* Subway: From Seoul Station, take the subway Gyeongui Line and get off at Munsan Station (runs 1 times an hour, 05:50-23:20). Take a train and get off at Imjingang Station (10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00). Walk 600m.

Panmunjeom (Joint Security Area)


Panmunjeom is located in the demilitarized zone, 50 km north from Seoul and 10 km east from the city of Gaeseong.
This area is most notably known for the peace talks that were held here on October 25, 1951 and was designated as the Joint Security Area on July 27, 1953 when the armistice agreement was signed.
Once used as a management office, Panmunjeom has been used as now a conference room since the Red Cross held an international conference here on September 20, 1971.
It is the only place where North Koreans and South Koreans can come in contact on a daily basis and make efforts towards the peace of Korea.

Closed  :  Holiday & during military training

Operating Hours  :  9:00-14:30 on Monday-Saturday / 45 min. interval

* Individual tours are not allowed.


The 3rd Tunnel (Dorasan Observatory)

The 3rd Tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. It is located 52km from Seoul. It was estimated that it took approximately an hour for 10,000 soldiers to move through the tunnel. When this tunnel was first discovered, North Koreans insisted it was made by South Koreans in a plot to invade North Korea. However, this theory proved eventually to be false.

Dorasan Observatory is located nearby the 3rd Tunnel. From this observation platform, North Korean military personnel are visible, and so are the highlights of Gaeseong and the Geumgangsan Diamond Mountains.

Closed  :  Mondays & Holidays



Tour Course Information
- Course A : Imjingak - The 3rd Tunnel - Dorasan Observatory - Dorasan Station - Unification village - Imjingak (Required time : 2hours 30min)

- Course B : Imjingak - Tomb of heojun - Haemaru village - The 3rd Tunnel - Dorasan Observatory - Imjingak (Required time : 3hours 30min)

Operating Hours  :  9:10 (first shuttle) - 15:00 (last shuttle)

* Individual tours are not allowed.




DMZ Transit Tour

From October 1, 2004, a bus leaves for the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) from the Incheon Airport daily at 8 am. The bus carries domestic and foreign passengers on transit at Incheon International Airport to a short sightseeing trip to the DMZ, offering a chance to make the most out of their limited transit time.
The DMZ Transit Tour covers the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Observation Platform, the Bridge of Freedom, and Imjingak, and takes about 2 hours. The price of the package is US$18 (or 21,000 won), which includes all admissions and transportation. The tour starts at 8 am from the B2 Gate on the first floor of Incheon International Airport and ends at 12:30 pm on the 3rd floor of the airport. The package includes an English guide as well as general and historical background information on the DMZ.
Making arrangements for an individual visit to the DMZ from the Incheon International Airport can be quite frustrating, as it requires visitors to travel all the way down to Seoul and take another bus to Imjingak. To spare visitors of such inconvenience and offer them a more convenient and pleasant trip to the DMZ, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization has organized this DMZ Transit Tour.
Nathan, an American working for the Korea National Tourism Organization, recounts his experience on the DMZ Transit Tour.

* Flow of the DMZ Transit Tour *
   Apply for the Tour
⇒ Depart from Incheon International Airport
⇒ 3rd Infiltration Tunnel
⇒ Dora Observation Platform ⇒ Imjingak Bridge of Freedom
⇒ Return to Incheon International Airport






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